Password problems? Find out why..

Password Problems? Here's why

Letter from the Webmaster (okay, maybe not a "master"...)

When we first moved customer data over from the old site, the passwords did not come with them. As a result, many who tried to log in with their old email and passwords found it difficult. That's because the system had your email, but no password and it didn't know how to respond. We changed that on 4/14/2016 and gave a default password to each customer that did not already have one. In doing that, it also wiped out existing passwords.

Now we have fixed that AS WELL. If you had an existing password, but are getting an error, please try your LAST NAME IN ALL CAPS. That will be your password until you change it.

My sincerest apologies, I will not make that error again. We are working very hard to get things working perfectly. While the new site was something we wanted to give our customers for ease of use, access to live shipping rates, frequent updates and coupon codes - it has not been with out some growing pains. I hope you find this to be helpful, if not please call us or email us to walk you through it. 973-767-0880.

In Summary, your new default log in is:

Log In:
Password: HANCOCK

P.S. For customers who DID NOT have a password, but has an email registered, you will get an error message that will help you find out what your default password is which is simply your email. So, email is your login, and email is your password as well.