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Why Print with White Toner?

The ability to print with white toner cannot be understated – for t-shirt transfer printers, it means the easiest dark t-shirt printing abilities, using Neenah or Forever’s self-weeding heat transfer papers for laser printers. Normally, the self-weeding papers are unable to transfer photographs, gradients, or pastel and light colors, creating many print limitations. However, with the unique white toner printer, you can always print a white “base” below the images, allowing for the use of these extremely convenient papers with NO limitations! With Forever or Neenah’s self-weeding laser heat transfer printers, such as the Image Clip Laser Dark or the Laser Dark No Cut LowTemp, full-color transfers onto dark garments with no excess background, such as the ‘dreaded white box’, has never been easier! Plus, thanks to the long lifespan of the OKI pro920WT printer’s consumables, print costs for these custom designs can be just pennies on the sheet, compared to costly and lengthy set-ups required in other printing processes. For truly custom, easy, inexpensive t-shirt and apparel transfers, the OKI proColor White Toner LED Laser Printers absolutely cannot be beat.