Meet the Team:

Ken Baitala- General Manager/CEO:

Ken is our General Manager. He manages the office (makes sure we behave), handles the accounting, manages the purchasing and makes sure that each one of our customers is satisfied.. He is your go to guy for special pricing and estimates. He is always available and responsive by email at [email protected].

Ashley Van Wingerden - Sales and Marketing Manager:

Ashley is the second go to person for special pricing, and questions or concerns with orders or production. As the sales manager, Ashley likes to ensure that all of the products we carry are quality items an always ahead of the curve. Also, any cool photos and videos you may see on our website are taken by her. She manages all of our social media accounts daily. These include, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. She can always be reached by telephone at 973-767-0880 or email at [email protected].

Our promise:

Since 1983 RPL Supplies has been dedicated to the sublimation world; supplying blanks, materials, equipment, support and training. As times and technologies have changed RPL has continued to change with it. Within the last 5 years the sublimation space has grown significantly. The technology has become less expensive, and the hobby, small business and large scale production sector has seen a boom in sales from their customer base. With over 30 years of experience, RPL is poised and equipped to handle your businesses needs as it grows with plenty of stock, expertise and product knowledge.


For over three decades, the name RPL Supplies has been synonymous with images on Ceramic Photo Mugs, Photo T-shirts, Photo Buttons, Key Chains and much, much more. RPL is an international company whose mission is to help entrepreneurial minded people step out with our simple, easy to learn equipment and take a bite out of life. Personalized gifts that a short time ago could only be produced by complicated, highly technical, very expensive equipment, can now be created simply, easily, and inexpensively... almost anywhere at all. You could have the ability to make one or more attractive, personalized products right now. You may be missing only one integral, inexpensive piece of equipment or software. For example, if you have an inkjet printer you can produce a T-shirt transfer but you may need a simple T-shirt Heat Press to complete the package. You can call upon us to add easy-to-use accessories and provide unique hard-to-find supplies that will have you producing : Photo T-shirts Photo Mouse Pads Photo Mugs Photo Key Chains ... and much, much more. This skillfully engineered, rugged equipment can be used to earn extra income from various locations... from a cart in a shopping mall... or at home on your kitchen table... there are no limits. Whether you are a small business owner or a home user, let RPL show you how to make extra cash and have fun at the same time!